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Easy Viral Marketing with Rebrandable Reports: 5 Steps to Massively Grow Your List and Earn Passive Revenue

Easy Viral Marketing with Rebrandable Reports: 5 Steps to Massively Grow Your List and Earn Passive Revenue Many of my clients are seeking a way to grow their list inexpensively.  They don’t want to buy PPC ads, Facebook ads, or ezine advertising. They don’t want to become involved in a co-registration process.  They don’t have time to host a teleclass or a webinar.  So, what strategies remain to help you massively build your list with a very limited investment of time and money?

The most effective way is by using viral marketing and creating a free rebrandable report on a topic that solves a problem that keeps your target market awake at night.  By rebrandable, I mean that you allow your visitors to change some or all of the links in the report to their own links, which gives them the incentive to pass your report to their lists. These links inside the report would include:

1. links leading to a paid product (either your own or an affiliate product)

2. links leading to your email list squeeze page, which will help you build your list

By creating this free giveaway, you can both earn some passive revenue with sales of your own product or as an affiliate for someone else’s, as well as grow your list simultaneously.  Pretty cool, right?

Here are the 5 steps you can take to create your own free rebrandable report:

1.  Determine your topic. What is the source of pain in your target market?  What are some of the problems that they’re having difficulty solving?  Once you have identified a problem, how would you help them solve it?  Create an outline of the steps of your solution, which will serve as the outline of the report.  Then, within that outline, list the tools (i.e. products or services) that you’ll mention in your solution and insert your squeeze page or affiliate links in the appropriate sections of the outline.

2. Write the report.  Now that you have the outline and products/services that you want to promote in place, fill in the outline with the information needed to complete each of your steps.  You’ll want to create this document in Microsoft Word or Open Office. Your report should be around 3000 words.  Once it is in the format you desire, you need to convert it to a PDF file.

3. Make the report rebrandable.  The quickest way to do that is with an inexpensive piece of software, Viral PDF. I recommend the silver version over the classic version because the file to rebrand requires less steps for your readers. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to use your report!

4. Find partners to help with launch.  To get the most exposure for your report, you’ll want to find others serving your target market who would be willing to distribute the report to their lists. Contact colleagues or prior strategic alliance partners, or find bloggers, social media marketers, or article writers who are also serving your target market. Make your pitch to them, and provide them with marketing materials to make it easy for them to promote you.

5. Launch the report. Tell your list about it.  Encourage your readers to pass it around. Write about it on your blog.  Let all the members of your social networks know about it.  Let the members of discussion lists/forums know about it by including it in your signature file. Create a video about it.  Use all the Internet marketing strategies at your disposal to get the word out about your report.

In just a few days, you can create and launch a viral marketing machine that will help you increase your list size and make some passive revenue in the process. If you don’t yet have a rebrandable report, follow these steps to create one, and see how quickly it becomes viral!



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