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Does Google Rule Our Lives?

Today I found an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the ever-increasing importance of being found on Google.  The article, You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well, talks about the difficulties Abigail Garvey encountered when she married and adopted her husband’s last name and became Abigail Wilson. When she applied for a new job, her prospective employers questioned her about her publications because they weren’t able to verify the information when they Googled her married name.

So, when she became pregnant, she and her husband Googled prospective baby names to ensure their child’s name would be unique enough to be found and be distinctive in a sea of similar names.


This article underscores the importance of being found online.  The practice of "Googling" someone to see what’s said about them online and to "check them out" is growing in popularity.

How will you show up if someone Googles you?

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