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9 Reasons to Grow Your Business with Live Stream Events

9 Reasons to Grow Your Business with Live Stream Events

Live events and live stream events are the newest way to increase the buzz for your business and get you and your business in the spotlight. The primary goals of live events are to grow your business and to get more email list subscribers. Just like giving away a free ebook, checklist, or white paper can increase your list, so can live events. But often, live events attract a lot more people a lot faster than promoting a free PDF file. 

However, your “live” event doesn’t have to be an in-person event. It can be a live stream event, instead. Your live event can be a Facebook Live event, Youtube Live event, or LinkedIn live event.

To apply to be a LinkedIn Live broadcaster from your LinkedIn profile, visit this application. Below is a video on how to enable Live Streaming from Youtube on your Youtube channel.

The platform I will be using for my live-streamed events is StreamYard. There is a free version of StreamYard, but the free version does not allow you to record your events, so I’m using the paid version.

Here are nine reasons to add live stream events to your marketing mix:

1. Convenience For You and Your Guests:  You can literally reach hundreds of people at one time with live events, all while you’re sitting in your home or even a hotel room at the beach. Your guests can be doing the same. 

2. Join with Others:  Joint venture partnerships for live stream events work very well because the more experts on the panel who will present, the less work it is for you. And you can all take advantage of the power of marketing through each other’s lists. 

3. Give It Away Free:  You can host them free, or for a fee; it’s up to you and depends on your goals. To expand your reach, highly consider free. Hosting a free event will get more registrants than hosting a paid event, which means more people on your email list. Your email list is the best place to market to them over time but since it usually takes time to convert people, this is a great start.

4. Collect Registrants’ Information: For every event, require at least an email address so that you can send them other information about your products and services. Most people will be fine with at least providing a first name and email, but don’t make them jump through too many hoops. You can always collect more information later. One easy way is to do this with a Facebook Messenger Bot. My platform of choice for this service is ManyChat. You will need the paid version of this program to compile an email list.

5, Demonstrate Your Products or Services: Use a live stream event to demonstrate how your products and/or services solve problems for your audience. If you can show them by using case studies, and actual demonstrations of how your system/product/service works, you’ll get more believers who are willing to spend money. Or, you can provide tutorials for various types of software or apps you may use in your business.

6, Teach Your Audience Something: If you have a coaching or consulting practice, a great way to attract more clients is to actually teach your audience something, at least a taste of a larger service. For instance, if you’re a web designer, you can teach your audience how easy it is to use WordPress for designing interactive websites. Believe it or not, many people will choose to hire you instead of doing it themselves – even if you teach them how to do it.

7. Preview Higher-Priced Events:  Let’s say you’re having a live, in-person mastermind event in Vegas. A live stream event is a great way to give the audience a taste of what they’ll get at the live event and meet the people who are going to be speaking at the event.

8. Expand Credibility:  Interview experts, current and former clients/customers live on the air to help expand your credibility with your audience. When they meet people that you’ve helped, they’ll be more likely to trust you when it comes time to purchase a product or service from you.

9. Replay Events:  What’s really great about live stream events is that you can record them and then reuse and replay them. That means you work once, and then put that work that you did once to use many times over.

Growing your business with live stream events is a very effective way to increase your reach, establish credibility and to earn new business, as well as get long-term business from people who are already fans of yours. 



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