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YouTube SEO: 10 Tips to Optimize Video and Your Channel For Amazing SEO Results

YouTube SEO:  10 Tips to Optimize Video and Your Channel For Amazing SEO ResultsEven though video marketing isn’t new, using videos to drive traffic to your web site is a quick way to get your site found in the search engines.  YouTube is the one place where your videos should be found, as it’s the most popular video search engine.

I’ve been slow to adopt video marketing, as being in front of the camera is NOT something I enjoy.  However, I’ve had several videos developed for me, and I am starting to implement Powerpoint videos that will be placed on my YouTube channel.  Even if you don’t have any videos, you can still develop a branded YouTube channel. Here are 4 tips to help you develop and optimize your own YouTube channel:

1.  Have a list of relevant keywords ready for which you want to be found in a search.  Local businesses should have a list with their locations in the phrase and a list without those geographic modifiers.

2.  Pick a relevant search term as your channel name. If you’re a local business, I would choose something with a location in the name, like Houston Montrose Hardware.  Make sure that you complete the Channel Tags section with relevant keywords in quotation marks.

3.  Do a search for other videos using your keyword list.  Find videos with more than 20,000 views.  Add a few of those to your “Favorites” list.

4.  Then begin to search for videos to add to your Playlists.  When you find a video that you like in your keyword search, add it to a new playlist, and name the playlist with your keyword phrase.

At some point, you’ll want to begin to upload your own videos.

Here are the 10 best strategies to optimize video on YouTube for more traffic:

1.  Title:  In the Title section, be sure to use keywords by which you want to be found.

2.  Description:  In the description, make sure that what appears first is the full URL of your web site that you want to promote, followed by a description that also contains keywords.

3.  Tags:  In the tags section, enter keywords here, but each keyword will need to be enclosed in quotation marks, like “Redondo Beach Wedding Florist” “Malibu Wedding Flowers”.

4.  Category:  Choose the best category for your video and make your video public.

5.  Maps:  If you’re a local business, you’ll then click on Maps and select a location for your video (ideally it’s your physical address) and then save changes.

6.  Settings:  In your Channel settings, choose to autoplay your featured video, which will be the last video you uploaded, unless you pick a different one. The newly uploaded video should begin to play automatically when someone arrives at your channel.

7.  Sharing:  Bookmark, Like, Favorite and Share Your Videos from your channel page, not from the videos list.

8.  Captions and Subtitles:  For extra indexing opportunities and ADA compliance, submit transcriptions or closed-caption tracks for each video through the “Captions and Subtitles” tab.

9.  Getting Subscribers:  Ask your clients, friends, colleagues, etc. to subscribe to your channel, add themselves as friends, or comment on your channel.

10.  Change Playlist:  Once you have uploaded a number of videos, you may want to change your settings so that your channel displays only your own videos.

You can see the beginnings of my YouTube Channel here:  I’d love it if you subscribe, friend me, or comment on my channel.

Even if you don’t have any videos, go ahead and create a YouTube channel for your business. You’ll see your online visibility increase when you optimize video.



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