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Whether You Think You Can or You Can’t, You’re Right

As of last week I completed my relocation to Texas.  While it wasn’t as stressful as my move two years ago when my belongings disappeared for 4 weeks with the movers, another relocation is not something I really want to embark upon again anytime soon..:).  The part of the move that freaked me out the most was the notion of driving a 17′ UHaul truck with a 12′ trailer attached for 8 hours from Arkansas to Texas. 

This may not sound like a very big deal, but for a girl who’s sum total driving experience is with small vehicles (Toyota Corolla and Honda CR-V), I did feel as though I was driving a monster truck..LOL.

As I planned this move, I was convinced that there was no way I could handle a UHaul vehicle this big without killing myself or someone else, and the thought of trying to maneuver in a gas station to refuel gave me visions of The Towering Inferno .  A few days before the move, I told myself I needed to get over this fear and just do it.  And, I did –reluctantly.

Fortunately for me and all the other drivers on the road <g>, I arrived in Beaumont without incident.  I did learn the purpose of the heavy, upside down-U-shaped metal protectors that are set in front of gas pumps, as the rubber of the tire on the trailer glanced one of those during my first fueling stop. They help prevent the Towering Inferno effect for novice UHaul truck drivers like me..:)

The adage, "whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right" proved accurate for me once again.  I thought I could, and I did, but don’t want a repeat performance anytime soon….LOL

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