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Welcome, Spring!

I survived the Y2K-type daylight
savings almost-crisis this past weekend (from the moving up of the start
of daylight savings time here in the US) with nary a problem — all
pieces of computer equipment sprung forward an hour without any
intervention on my part whatsoever. Hallelujah!  It’s about time
these cranky machines decided to straighten up and fly right (which is
what I was always told to do as a child, and of course, that never
happened..<g>).   And, btw, in English that phrase means "to
behave" for those of you who don’t speak Texglish.:)

The last 2 weekends have been
absolutely springtime perfect — about 70 degrees each day, sunny, and
low humidity.  How did I enjoy this lovely weather?  From the
comfort of my living room recliner, curled up with my blankie and my
cough medicine and decongestant. At last, though, I think I’ve won the
war with my cold and am on the mend, only hacking up parts of lungs
occasionally instead of hourly…LOL

Now that I’m better, I’m enjoying the
extra sunshine in the afternoon.  However, I’m not used to getting
up in the morning when it’s still dark.  I don’t use an alarm clock
any longer (yet another reason to celebrate working from home) and have
depended on my natural body rhythms and the morning sun to let me know
when it’s 7 AM.  OK, ok, sometimes when it’s 7:30 or 8 AM..<g> 
At any rate, the late sunrise is confusing my body, and even when 8 AM
rolls around (and it’s just becoming daylight), I’m still not quite ready to greet the day.  Of
course, I get no sympathy from Eric, who has to arise at 4 AM to be at
work at 5 AM.  Better him than me — that schedule would kill me!

At any rate, this weekend is supposed
to be beautiful, so look out world, I’m back and ready to roam! :)  
Hope you’re enjoying your spring whenever it arrives in your neck of the

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