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Video Marketing: 8 Types of Video to Help with Authority Positioning

Video Marketing: 8 Types of Video to Help with Authority Positioning

Are you a business owner looking for different ways in which you can use video marketing help in your authority positioning?

Many service professionals are seeking ways that will help them better position themselves as authorities in their industry. One of the most effective tools you can use is video. You cannot ignore the power of audio/visuals in getting your message across, especially in this day and age.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to conceptualize an idea and make a good video about it. I’m frequently asked for some guidance on how business owners can best accomplish video marketing. The most common question that I get is, “What kind of video should I make?”

I reply by giving them this guide containing 8 types of video to help with authority positioning:

1. Slideshows: You do not need to have a deep knowledge about videos to create a great slideshow. All you need is to go to an image site, find and purchase photos that you feel are useful in getting your point across, and then compile them to form a slideshow. You can add some background music or text to spice it up, and your video will be ready for your customers to view.

2. Text video: You can use PowerPoint text slides to make a video that is solely text-based. The text need to be large enough so that the viewers do not strain their eyes when viewing it. This kind of video can be used to highlight some facts about your business that cannot be relayed in photo form. Of course, you can always incorporate background music and other effects to make it interesting.

3 Cartoon-based video: Who said you cannot have fun while making your video? You can inject some humor for your viewers to enjoy by making a video using animated characters and cartoon figures. It is a very catchy way to get your message across. If you happen to have a company mascot, you can use it to create the cartoon videos.

4. Demonstration video: If you want to demonstrate something for your viewers, then it is best to produce a demo video It is an easy way to show a process, and to ensure that your viewers understand all the important details by showing them exactly what you mean. To make the most effective demo video, you should compile a lists of your frequently asked questions, and from there there, you can come up with a “how to’ video and share it with them. This demo video could be a screenshare video if you need to demonstrate how to use a program or a piece of software, and it’s a great authority positioning piece.

5. Tour video: Another way you can do your video marketing is by creating a tour around your premises, or even your home office, if you work from home. This is particularly important for those in the service industry like hotels, hospitals, restaurants and the like. Give them a tour around your premises by shooting a video of unique features you want them to see and take note of.

6. Interview-based video: If you want your viewers to get to know you and how you can best help them, then you can do an interview video. Come up with a list of questions that you’d like to answer, find someone to interview you, and then record filming the interview session. This questions can cover you experience, qualifications, values, and other important issues. A really easy way to do this is by using Google Hangouts, which will both record the interview and automatically post it on YouTube for you.

7. Client testimonial video: If your clients are happy with your products and services, then you can request them to help you do a video to share their experience in doing business with you. You can have a series of clients delivering their testimonials, then you edit them and arrange them to make a video collage.

8. Article video: If you have been in business for while, then you probably have a number of articles and blog posts that you have written. You can transfer the text of these articles to a PowerPoint presentation, along with some accompanying illustrations, and then record yourself in PowerPoint as you read through your article. Simply export the recording, and you have a great informative video to use on your site. It’s a great way to both entertain and educate your clients.

Video marketing allows you to interact with your clients and prospects at a different level. They will get to like, know and trust you, and it gives you the opportunity to share a lot of information while still catching their interest. Video marketing is a great strategy that every business owner should consider to enhance your authority positioning.

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