Ready to Give Up the Client Chase and Discover a Proven System for Getting Clients to Come to You on Autopilot?


If you have been in business for awhile, you know that the business cycle seems to ebb and flow. You’re either flooded with clients or you’re facing a client drought.

Your business doesn’t have to run that way. What difference would it make to you if you became the StandOut Expert™ and you could completely stop the client chase?

My name is Donna Gunter. I’m glad you have discovered me! I’ve developed this website for coaches, consultants and independent service professionals (like you) who are ready to get paid what you deserve by using digital media positioning to establish yourself as the StandOut Expert™ in your industry and be seen as the obvious choice for your prospects.

What led me to create this system? I’m an introvert at heart (INFP on the Myers-Briggs scale) and I HATE to market myself. However, what I discovered is that marketing becomes very easy when you are an educator and advocate for your clients. My StandOut Expert™ System is completely built around the concept of education-based marketing.

What happens when you build a business as the StandOut Expert™?

  • You build rapport with your target market.
  • You establish your expertise online in your field/industry.
  • You become the top-of-mind expert that your target market hires when they’re ready to solve the kind of problem you can help them solve
  • Your marketing becomes authentic when you’re an educator and advocate for your clients and reflects your values and personality, without having to resort to slick salesmanship or hype.
  • Clients are naturally drawn to you because you have established trust and credibility with them.
  • Your prospect-to-client conversion rate accelerates exponentially.
  • You attract a higher class of client who is eager to pay you what you’re worth.
  • You build a thriving business.

To get you off on the right foot, I suggest that you take 3 simple steps:

1. Start by grabbing one of the free gifts listed under the Resources link in the navigation bar above. When you request your free gift, you’ll also get a complimentary subscription to my Profit Sparker ezine, which is a unique, totally free publication for increasing your online visibility and leveraging and profiting from your expertise. You’ll receive a quick action item each day, as well as info on the tools I’m using to increase my authority reach. And did I mention it’s free?

2. Bookmark this site and click here to read my latest blog posts filled with juicy training tips and inspiration. You’ll have access to the strategies, expertise, and insight that come with 20 years of experience and the sizable investment that I have made in getting training and mentoring from successful business owners.

3.  I host a radio show, Main Street Mavericks.  You can hear my episodes here.

Here’s to your success in becoming the  StandOut Expert™!



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