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Preparing for an August Wedding

I went online and ordered my wedding dress today, finally!  It's probably not what most of you would consider to be a wedding dress.  Since Eric and I are getting married on the beach in August at around 6:30 AM, it will be at least 85 degrees at that hour, so I wanted to remain as cool as possible.  That means my wedding dress is a simple sundress that should go along with Eric's shorts and button-down shirt.    He's quite excited about the beach wedding because it means he can go bare-footed at the ceremony..LOL

On Monday we went to the jewelry store and bought his ring.  We debated back and forth over the type of ring and the metal composition, and his final decision was a fairly inexpensive titanium band.  As we went to the counter to order the ring and pay for it, he pulled out his wallet, as though to pay.  I just looked at him a bit funny and said that I was buying the ring, as it's traditional for the bride to buy the groom's ring.  The jeweler chimed in and told him to put away his wallet, because I was right.  Eric thought that was very cool.  Ah, to be a guy and be blissfully ignorant of the ways of the world, at least as it pertains to wedding etiquette..LOL

After we left the store, I asked him if he would have picked a more expensive ring had he realized I was buying it.  Amazingly enough, he said that he'd truly picked out the ring he most wanted, regardless of its cost.  Gotta love my guy..<g>

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