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My Annual Business Retreat

Normally, each August, I take myself on a annual business retreat.  Last year, I created an awesome retreat for myself (you can read about it at

However, this year, between my being unsettled with my housesitting gig, my move to my new house, and then my hurricane evacuation, my annual retreat just hasn’t materialized.  Go figure..;)

I’m really missing the direction I set for myself, and am trying to determine when to sneak it in in the remaining two months of 2006.  It appears that my best shot will be the week of Thanksgiving.  I hate doing it this late in the year, but can’t come up with a reasonable date prior to then.  Then, Eric calls me last night to set his vacation time at work, as he has to request his vacation time a year in advance.  I think the universe is sending me messages that I need to get my rear in gear on this issue! LOL

I’m already composing plans in my head, and I just now need to commit them to paper.  OK, that settles it-Thanksgiving week it is!  I’m off to Office Depot now to buy my 2006 calendar!

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