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Millionaire Mindset

As you probably know, I’ve been playing the Millionaire Money game for the last few weeks, and coaching colleague Lin Schreiber has been leading calls with the participants as we check-in to report what’s happened to us the previous week.

Last Friday was a pretty amazing report for me. I got the "Millionaire Money Team Manifestation Award" from the group, since the following awesome events occurred for me:

1.  I found a great apartment in historic district with terrific neighbor, bigger than any I’ve had at the price I wanted to pay (as detailed in Friday’s post)

2.  I’ve picked up a couple of new coaching clients for a new Online Business Development program I’m putting together (they’re interested in participating without even knowing fully what I plan to do!)

3.  I met this week with a well-known coach about an incredible business opportunity that looks to be lucrative for both my business and his


4.  I met and started dating a really amazing, wonderful man named Eric, who’s the guy I’ve been looking for all of my life.

Most of these occurrences haven’t meant money directly in my pockets at this point, but have reinforced for me the power of manifesting what I want and the power of abundance and prosperity.  When you play this game, all of your beliefs and assumptions are challenged, much beyond just those relating to money, hence the great guy coming into my life.

The next game begins Oct. 3, 2005.  To sign up, go to

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