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If You Use a Free Teleconference Service, Read This Post

I’ve received this post several times in the last few days, so I’m fairly sure it’s not a hoax.  The scuttlebutt is that these companies are using unfair trade practices to force users to purchase paid teleconference services.  Here’s what’s going on and what you can do (this note is from

AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, and Qwest Are Blocking Your Conference Calling!

As of Friday, March 9, it’s come to our attention that Cingular Wireless has begun blocking all conference calls made from Cingular handsets to selected conference numbers. If you call our service, you receive a recording that says, "This call is not allowed from this number. Please dial 611 for customer service".

Earlier this week, Sprint and Qwest joined in this action, blocking cellular and land line calls to these same numbers. This appears to be a coordinated effort to force you to use the paid services they provide, eliminating competition and blocking your right to use the conferencing services that work best for you.

Don’t Let AT&T/Cingular, Sprint, or Qwest Take Away Your Right to Use the Conference Service of Your Choice!

We Need Your Help! Please Take the Actions Below:

Whether you are one of their customers, or an organizer who is being impacted by these uncompetitive actions, please file a complaint with the FCC or send an email
to your State Attorney General to complain about
this monopolistic practice to limit the choices of consumers.

You can also let these companies know how you feel about their attempt to block competitive services:

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