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How to Create a Blog

Q:  Is it better to design a website and add a blog link to the navation bar or to build a website using WordPress and include a blog page?

A:  Hi William–

The answer depends to some degree on your level of web design experience and your ability to update your own site or contract out the updates.  For clients who want to perform periodic updates themselves without the learning curve of an HTML design program, I tell them to create a blogsite, or a blog/website hybrid.  I think WordPress does this job the best. Once a WordPress theme has been customized and everything is uploaded, it's pretty seamless to go in and add or update static pages as well as submit blog posts.

The nice aspect to a blogsite is that both your website and your blog sit on the same domain, so you get traffic credits for both, rather than having them split over 2 domains.  This increased traffic should result in a higher Google Page Rank, Alexa ranking, and Compete Rank, which should move your site up in search engine results.

If, however, you already have a website, I would just add a blog to that which sits on the same hosting account either in a subdomain (i.e. or in a subdirectory, i.e.  I don't know if one is more advantageous than the other. You can then link to the blog from your site's navigation menu.

Here's an article I wrote that might help you:  7 Reasons Blogsites Attract More Visitors and Help You Get More Clients Online.

And, if you'd like a referral to a WP blog designer, contact me and I'll give you my recommendation.

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