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His Pain is My Gain

I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks with Eric,
although it’s literally been a painful experience for him. :->  Eric hurt
his shoulder at work and was diagnosed with frozen shoulder syndrome (there’s a
more official-sounding medical term for his condition that I can never
remember). Consequently, for the last month, he’s been on short-term disability
from work while he goes to physical therapy several time a week to recuperate.

Eric works a 4-day, 12-hour shift (usually nights)
at a local synthetic rubber manufacturing facility (yes, in the land of oil as
Texas Tea, his company produces an oil by-product).  Consequently, this
means that we’re usually on different schedules — he’s asleep when I’m awake,
and he’s leaving to go to work when I’m done for the day.

It’s challenge to be in a relationship with a
shift worker. But, since his injury, we’ve been able to spend much more time
together, and do "normal" relationship things like make and eat dinner together
and watch movies and TV together.  I’m really going to miss it when he’s
well and has to return to work.  Of course, he reminds me that he won’t
have to do so when I become as rich as Oprah..LOL.  That quest

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