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Ghosts of New Year’s Past

Happy 2010! 
I hope all of you had a great holiday season and that you ushered in the New
Year in style.  It's amazing that we're at the beginning of the new decade. 
Do you remember what you were doing on New Year's Eve 1999 as we were about to
welcome a new century? 

I was at a family
party at my cousin Jeff and Lisa's home.  We rang in 2000 and had breathed
a sigh of relief that the dreaded Y2K predictions had failed to materialize.
Then, the unthinkable happened.  The power went out.  One cousin
offered, "Well, I guess Jasper-Newton Co-Op (the power company) didn't Y2K
themselves."  Just as we began to scramble around for flashlights and
candles, we heard cackling from the back of the house. My cousin Jeff decided to
pull his own little Y2K stunt and shut off all the power at his breaker box to
freak us out.  We all had a good laugh, and were quite happy to enter the
new century fairly unscathed..LOL

This New Year's
was a bit different. Both Eric and I had taken the week off, and I had intended
to do some business planning and general catch-up work.  However, I ended
up doing very little of that but did alot of long-overdue decluttering. I sent 7
hefty boxes of books to Goodwill, along with old video tapes and CDs.  I
can actually access stuff in my office again! 

Eric caught the
decluttering bug as well (it only took 3 years of nagging to make it happen!)
and finally downsized his humongo electronics collection.  His primary
motivation was Santa's belated visit to our home with 2 new flat screen
televisions.  Ah, well, whatever works..:)  Surprisingly enough, he
can't wait to return to his job — he claims that he doesn't have to work as
hard there as I work him at home..<g>

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