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Do You Ask Too Much of Yourself?

I was speaking with my fiancé, Eric, on the phone
yesterday and telling him about the progress I was making toward creating our
Christmas feast. I like to create a bunch of appetizers to snack on all day,
rather than cooking one big meal, and try to make those the week before the
holiday so I don’t kill myself cooking the day or two before our celebration. I
told Eric that I hadn’t done much that night — I’d only finished the lamb
lollipops because I’d run out of energy.  His response was, "Only the lamb
lollipops?  Wow, that was alot!"

I think we women expect too much of ourselves (or
maybe men don’t expect enough of themselves <g>), especially around the
holidays.  We (women) create these great, grandiose plans for our lives,
our businesses, our vacations, our holidays, our children, etc. and we really
expect ourselves to be able to do it all.  After all, growing up in the era
of Gloria Steinham, wasn’t that the message we were all given?

I think we can do it all — just not at the same
time. :) So, instead of beating yourself up about all the things on your to-do
list that you didn’t accomplish, celebrate what you achieved and be happy with
that success.

Have a great holiday (whichever one you
celebrate), a wonderful New Year, and I’ll see you back in in 2008 — I’m taking
some well-deserved vacation time for the rest of 2007..;->

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