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Dealing with Entrepreneurial ADD

I've been told that true entrepreneurs have this
– our own version of attention deficit disorder, what I often refer to as the
BSO (Bright Shiny Object) Syndrome. I've got a severe case of it at that moment.
On one hand, that's a good thing. I'm completely
re-energized and psyched about my business, and I've been missing my usual
enthusiasm here in the last several months. This up-and-down cycle is completely
normal, and happens to us all of us who are self-employed. In the last year or
so, however, it seems
to take more energy to get out of this mental slump than it used to..sigh.

On the other hand, I'm flooded with so many great and wonderful ideas that I'm
almost in complete overwhelm and paralysis. I've been putting off my annual biz
retreat, so I think I'm quite overdue for a business analysis and overhaul. Once
I create a space to
actually take stock and evaluate all of these ideas, I'll think I'll have a much
clearer focus, which will help me get out of my own way, And isn't that the
issue that stops most of us from accomplishing what we want — the inability to
get out of our own way?

Let me know your thoughts on this..:)

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