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Celebrating Two Years

Eric and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Sunday. We got married on 8/8/08, an easy date to remember, according to Eric, so he wouldn’t forget our anniversary. Well, this year I almost forgot, I’m sad to say. In July we began talking about how to celebrate, and at that time we both assumed Eric would be returning to his old job, where he was scheduled to work that entire week without any time off. So, we decided just to forego any celebration because trying to schedule something was just about impossible.

When he returned to work last week and found he was going to be able to start his new job immediately, it just failed to register with me that he would be free on our anniversary. I had become so accustomed to ignoring most holidays and special occasions because of his work schedule that this new way of being just hadn’t caught up with me.  About three days before the big day, it hit me that we could actually do something together! This realization had already dawned on Eric, and since we were both still unaccustomed to his having a flexible schedule, we decided to make it easy on ourselves and plan on a low-key day.

One of our anniversary traditions is writing in an anniversary journal. We both have a red leather-bound journal where each of us writes an entry about what the other person has meant to each of us during the year and share that on our anniversary. I think it’s a pretty cool tradition, and love creating my entry as well as seeing what Eric has to share with me. This year we both mentioned our excitement at being able to be a “normal” couple with a normal schedule for the first time in our relationship…:)

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