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Celebrating My First Anniversary

This weekend, Eric and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. We’ve been together since 2005, but only one year as a married couple. I met Eric at a time when I truly thought I was going to spend the rest of my life alone. Amazingly enough, I was quite ok with that. Here’s the story of how I “conjured” up Eric.

At the time, I had just moved back to Texas and was house-sitting for a friend for the summer until I found a place to live. One of my clients wanted to create a virtual group to play the “Prosperity Game,” which helps the players to shift their relationship with money. I was game, so to speak, so I joined the group.

Several weeks into the game, we had gotten a fairly hefty virtual deposit that week into our game bank accounts and had to decide how to spend our loot. Part of our time in the group calls was spent in telling the group members how we were spending the money and how it felt to do so. Several people gave their spiels before I did this particular week. As I listened, I noticed most of them reported that they were taking several trips and were bringing along spouses, significant others, friends, relatives, etc. to accompany them.

It suddenly hit me that I had not given any thought at all to bringing anyone along on the excursions I’d planned for myself. I was so used to doing things alone and so comfortable with my own company that asking others to go with me hadn’t even remotely occurred to me! I think it was at that point that I realized I was truly comfortable in my own skin and no longer feared a future of being alone since I rather enjoyed my own company ..LOL

Sometime within the next several days, I received a strange email from some guy apparently in response to something I’d sent, but I didn’t remember him. As I backtracked,I realized that I’d sent him an email after viewing his profile at a dating site several weeks prior. Not having heard from him, I’d simply forgotten about him and the email. However, because he worked shift work, he often went weeks without checking his email and had just gotten around to reading mine. This mystery guy turned out to be Eric.

After several hit and miss calls, we finally got to talk to each other and went out on our first date on Wednesday, August 17, 2005. Just prior to our date, I went to view a duplex and decided on the spot to rent it. So, I found Eric and a place to live on the same night!

The old adage of, “love will appear when you stop looking for it” certainly proved true for me. Once I convinced the universe that being single was ok and looking for a mate was no longer a priority, my future mate showed up at my door!

It’s amazing what that universe will do for you..:)

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