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Even if you think you don't have anything noteworthy to promote, you can still take advantage of this Authority Positioning

Does This Sound Familiar?

I remember the day I was invited to my first telesummit. I went to the web site and saw everyone who was presenting. I was so proud to be in the company of those well-known presenters, and confident that "things were about to change."

You probably had the same feeling when you got a big opportunity like this.

For the next few weeks, I was still on the high as the telesummit went live. People congratulating me and telling me that they had attended my program. It was a dream.

Then it started to fade. My exposure was maxed out with my current reach.

If you aren't being talked about in the media and by your target market on a regular basis, you need a boost. That's EXACTLY what I've put together for you here.

Get Massive Recognition as an INDUSTRY AUTHORITY Across Hundreds Of Online Media Sites to Establish INSTANT CREDIBILITY AND TRUST!

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Step 1: You'll Be The Guest Expert on a Popular Syndicated Podcast 

You'll be interviewed about your business and positioned as an Expert on a popular online talk show, Business Innovators Radio, that will be published and available worldwide on media outlets like iTunes, Blog Talk Radio, Spreaker, Stitcher and SoundCloud. Your interview will also be shared across Social Media for mass exposure to millions of potential listeners as well as syndicated to the iHeart Radio Network.

Step 2: News About Your Interview Published To National Online Media

News about your Interview will be published and syndicated to hundreds of National Media Websites.

You'll get a report with links to sites that publish the news about your interview, including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliates. The story will include quotes from your interview so you can use powerful "as quoted on..." in your future branding and book marketing.

Step 3: Transcript and Audio File of Your Expert Interview

We make it easy for journalist, podcast, radio and TV producers to want to book you.

We'll provide you with the transcript, audio file and player embed code that you can place on your own website and media page to use as powerful demo to get booked on other podcasts and radio shows to talk about your your business.


Bonus #1: Access to Expert Podcast/Radio Interview Preparation Training with My Best Selling Program, Podcast Authority

Forget about nerves. This video training will get you confident and ready to be the Educator and Advocate for your audience in no time.You'll walk through the interview process including calling in from phone or computer and a step by step explanation of the core questions asked so you'll know exactly what to expect and be prepared to answer with the confidence of the Authority you are.

Bonus #2: How To Leverage Your Podcast/Radio Interviews and News Releases On Facebook for Authority with Donna Gunter

In this powerful resource,  Authority Media Exposure Leveraging Guide, Donna is going to show you how you can quickly build your Authority Positioning by spreading the news about your Interviews and Media appearances with social media, email, and more!


If I don't get you recognized as an Industry Authority with quotes from your interview published on at least 100 National Media Websites including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates within 7 days of your interview being released, I'll refund every penny of your purchase.

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