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A Day at the Office…and a Show!

Eric, my fiancée, is a shift-worker for a local synthetic rubber manufacturing plant.  This means that when he works, he works 12-hour shifts for 4-7 nights in a row (and some days). Because of this work schedule, he gets roughly a week off each month at the end of his shift cycle (if he’s not called in for overtime).  This means that he is home when I’m working in my office.

And that’s where the entertainment begins.

To a large degree, Eric is a little boy trapped in a man’s body.  He has a great sense of playfulness and fun, and enjoys his free time to the fullest when he’s not working.  Part of his downtime duties (self-appointed, I might add) include engaging in wild antics to either make me laugh or get a rise out of me.  When I’m in a bad mood, he’s been known to tie a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (a major vice of mine) to a broomstick and wave it in the shower at me or through my office door.  Full mooning has also developed into a daily habit, and yesterday he wore a pair of my panties on his head and did a Cleopatra-like dance down the hallway adjacent to my office.

What’s challenging is that many times he pulls these stunts while I’m on the phone with clients, and I’m having to choke back snorts of laughter while in conversation with them..LOL

Who knew that running a business could be such an adventure?? And, before you ask, I have Eric’s full permission (and blessing) to tell this tale..;->

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