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  • Get more leads as a podcast guest

Get More Leads as a Podcast Guest

To grow your business, you need more clients and customers. Not just any clients and customers, but targeted customers who will become raving fans.

Where are these fans?

Chances are they are listening to very specific podcasts. Are they hearing you?

Podcasts are hotter than ever, and with over 46 million people listening to podcasts, it is a powerful way to get heard.Your ideal clients are already listening to podcasts. If you're not currently being featured on podcasts, you're missing out.

Find out how to double your business being a featured guest on the exact podcasts your best prospects already listen to.

In this interview, you'll discover:

  • Why podcasting is the #1 tool in 2015 for massive reach, impact and client attraction, and how to start using it right away
  • How to get invited to be a guest on ideal podcasts
  • How to turn listeners into leads

Potential Questions for This Topic:

  1. Why is podcasting so hot in 2015?
  2. Why not start your own podcast?
  3. Who is the ideal podcast guest?
  4. What type of person/business won't work as a podcast guest?
  5. Why do podcast interviews work?
  6. What's a quick and easy way to find hot podcasts?
  7. What's the biggest mistake that podcast guests make when pitching themselves to podcast hosts?
  8. What should I look for when seeking a guest slot on a podcast?
  9. What's the strongest way to convey information to listeners in a podcast interview?
  10. What the critical missing ingredient that podcast guests fail to deliver in their interview to help them turn leads to listeners?
  11. Where can listeners find out more information about you?

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Long Bio

Donna Gunter, Amazon Best-Selling author of Biz Smart Quick Guide: 10 Strategies to Online Visibility for More Traffic, Clicks and Profit!, helps entrepreneurs and business leaders stop the client chase by leveraging their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then dramatically amplify their message and show how to convert the new audience into high paying customers.

She does this by creating newsworthy events that position professionals as the top authorities in their field, then maximizes their exposure for the event on sites of ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX affiliates plus other newspaper and authority sites. Some of the newsworthy events she has created for her clients include radio, television and podcast interviews; profile pieces on authority websites; magazine articles; and featured experts in published books.

Gunter is the owner of BizSmart Media and BizSmart Publishing, host of Ultimate Authorities Radio, Founder of Authoritypreneur Nation, and a contributor to USA Today, CNN iReport, Business Innovators Magazine , Small Business Trendsetters Magazine, and Online Marketing Magazine. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, among others.

Short Bio

Donna Gunter, authority marketing strategist and best-selling author, helps entrepreneurs and business leaders become highly paid authorities by teaching them how to go from relative obscurity to the #1 authority in their industry. She does this by creating newsworthy events and books that position professionals as the top authorities in their field, then amplifies their message and shows them how to convert their new audience into high-paying customers.

One Sentence Bio

Donna Gunter helps entrepreneurs and business leaders create the ultimate sales magnet that never goes out of style , lasts for years, and generates 50-100 qualified leads per month.

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