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Frequent Headings Allow "Scanners" to Find Their Way Around Your Page - And Make it Easier to Read

See that beautiful divider above the heading? That's just one of the ways we combine design and copy to guide the reader though our content and keep things easy to follow.

Some of your visitors will be readers and others will be scanners. The readers will start at the top and read every. single. word. until they reach the end of the page (or until they can't wait any longer and decide to buy). The scanners, on the other hand, will skip about, looking for things that matter to them specifically.

The scanners want to be convinced just as much as the readers do, they are just looking for information in a different way.​

What you're looking at right now is the second block consisting of a main heading and a section of text. Break up all of your content into blocks like this to make everything easier to read, easier to understand and easier to navigate. You'll also notice that none of the paragraphs here are more than 4-5 lines high (on a large screen, anyway. Yes - this page is fully mobile responsive).

Oh, and what's going on here? Below is an image block. It lets you visually communicate some of the points you are making (which is also great to get those scanners' attention).


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Heading 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Libero, vero?

Heading 2

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Heading 3

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Frequently Asked Questions


We will schedule a meeting with you to determine the focus and content of your media release. Upon collecting some pertinent details for the release, we will write your release and submit it to you for approval prior to releasing it to all of the media sites.


Here is a sample of the media outlets that publish our press releases:


​Absolutely. They are indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing. We get pretty good results from some very authoritative sites...


Actually, you've probably already missed multiple opportunities over the last few months...things that you are already doing that are worthy of media attention.Here are 10 ideas you can use for a news release today:1.) Announce that you are providing free "consultations"2.) Unveil a new or unusual use for your product3.) Reveal how [your product or service] can solve _________________4.) Share your customers' success stories5.) Take a stand on a controversial issue6.) Make a prediction of how your marketplace will change7.) Identify a trend you are noticing within your industry8.) Debunk a common myth in your industry9.) Explain why you started your small business - the "human-interest" side of your biz10.) Share a successful blog post and ask for comments by directing prospects to the post


We'll let our client's results speak for themselves....

"You Made the Process a Breeze..."

"Donna, I couldn't have been happier with the process and you! Not only was my personal press release picked up by many, but you made the book collaboration a breeze, and completely went over and beyond the call of duty.

Donna did such a fabulous job she is now working with one of my Elite Empowerment 4u! 1-1 coaching clients! Thanks Donna for helping all of us succeed!"

debra larson Transformational Wealth and Marketing Coach                 

"I've Been Seen On CBS, NBC, ABC..."

"As many of us do, I've always wanted to be a published author. And now, with the help of Donna Gunter, I am not only published but am an Amazon Best Selling Author and have been "seen on" CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and others AND it couldn't have been easier! I cannot be more excited and pleased!"

Shelley Webb Social Media Strategist
  • Create a nice list of points here. What are the points about? Anything you want. This could be a summary of the page so far, for example (remember those scanners?).
  • It could be a list of lessons learned. The conclusions you've come to, on your journey so far. This will make a great segue to starting to present your product.
  • Once you know this, you'll want my product. That's the result you should aim for, with your content. Once your reader understands the story and all the points you've made, they will see that they must have your product (or service, or whatever you're selling).

In this Next Text Block, You Can Start Transitioning to Your Solution...

You've set the scene. You've captured your visitors' attention. You've related to them and told them everything they need to know to truly understand what your product is about. Now it's time to start introducing them to the product.

Keep one thing in mind: your product is the solution. At first, don't talk about it in terms of a product. Talk about how you found a solution and about how this same solution can help others too. Why do all this? Because if you set it up right, you will be the opposite of the slimy, used car salesman stereotype we all despise... you will not be pushing product, you'll be doing everyone a favor.

Here's a Small Sub-Heading for Extra Emphasis.

You can use smaller sub-headings like the one above to make an important point or for quotes that relate to your story. Notice how non-fiction authors love to use quotes throughout their books? That's because quotes are a nice change of page and they lend authority and gravitas to what you're saying.

Similarly, you can use subtle text highlights and other text formatting to draw your reader's eye to important parts of the text. This also helps break up the page, to prevent wall-of-text-syndrome.

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the Big Reveal - Product Name

The Product (or Service) that is the Perfect Resolution to the Story.

Now it's time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don't hold back.

  1. Show a Product Image: It's always a good idea to visualize your product. Even if it's a digital product or a service, find some way to make it tangible - with an image.
  2. The Power of the Points List: use this list to mention the most important benefits of your product. These are the things that make it a must-buy.
  3. Time to Shine: be as specific as possible and always remember: it's about benefits, not features. You can mention features, of course, but always do so along with mentioning an important benefit.

See what some of our customers have to say:

Start Your Free, No Risk, 30-day trial!

This is the first call to action for your readers to become customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your website's conversion rate or revenues over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"Add Some More Testimonials Here..."

"Can you have too many testimonials? Yes, but it's difficult to do. :)

Feel free to add many testimonials directly to this page.​ If you have dozens of testimonials, you might want to only add 10-15 of the best ones to the page and add a link 'more testimonials' link that goes to a page with all the others.

We'll use filler text for the rest of the testimonials on this template."

Helene Moore Marketing Assistant

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( Etiam pharetra, erat sed auctor ut fermentum feugiat, velit mauris.)"

LUANA MAI Web Designer

Address Your Visitor's Last-Minute Objections

After the first call to action, use testimonials, case studies, more points lists and more text blocks to address all possible objections your visitors may have. Knowing these objections is very important... and you can learn all about them by talking to your customers and visitors. Give them a way to communicate with you and you'll quickly learn what's on your reader's mind as she goes through this page.

This part of the sales page can be a lot longer than it is in this template. There may be many objections that come up and you can address them all. If you dedicate a separate text block or a sub-heading to each one, your visitors can easily find the ones they have on their minds and skip the rest.

This is the Kind of Sub-Heading You Can Use

People are risk averse. We dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish. This is the part of the sales page where you can appease all those worries.

Start Your Free, No Risk, 30-day trial!

After all the additional convincing you've done, this is the second call-to-action to get the product.

"Add a quote here (it can be a quote from yourself, from the story or an authority quote from someone else). Something that puts a nice closing line on the story above.”

P.S.: Welcome to the post script section of the page. You can have one or several of these. This part is all about loss aversion. Here is where you can remind your reader that if they don't jump on this opportunity right now they will be missing out.


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